Drew E. Tuckman

Drew E. Tuckman - Plastic Surgeon/Cosmetic Surgeon

Drew E. Tuckman, MD

30 W Century Rd
Paramus, New Jersey

Phone: 201-986-1010

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One comment on “Drew E. Tuckman
  1. Wendy Bragg says:

    I have been trying to get ahold of Dr Tuckman for about 2 years… can’t seem to reach him I figured this is the only way how to reach him… hopefully he’ll get back to me… I was his patient in Myrtle Beach at sculptured figures. After he left dr. Graham was taking care of me until they closed down sculpture figures and the next day he was found dead in a lake.There is no one to take care of our cases. I have been having bad complications eversense they were done.I am pretty sure that the pockets are too big…my implants are pretty much under my armpits they hurt everyday,I feel tingling sensation all through my right side from underneath my arm down my arm side of my rib cage… basically it feels like I just had them done but it’s been over two years..

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